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RP Canon: Original Characters

Haruru Zetsu and Pirika's son. Has a leaf growing out of his head. Emotional, yet tough. Listens to his mother. Doesn't hit girls. Is a really nice kid! Except for the fact that he's in Akatsuki and loves every bit of it. Hates Naruto's guts. Partners with Uchiha Tsukiyomi, whom he also loves. In a brotherly sort of way. Maybe.

Tsukiyomi Itachi and Kal's son. Is basically a tiny Itachi with light blue hair. Kind of emo. Might have killed his twin sister Amaterasu - it'd explain why she's never around.

Far Near's evil clone. Looks exactly like Near, except that his hair and clothes are black. Speaks in a monotone voice, writes poetry, and likes bland foods. Is also followed by an endless montage of death and destruction. Is either a jinx or an evil mastermind. (Hidan thinks he's Jashin.)

Beth Plays a role similar to that of Des and Kal, so she gets a full profile.
Basic Info
Full name: Macbeth Titania Inukai.
Gender: Female
Age: Currently 14. Was 11 at the start of it all.
Birthday: August 24, 1993.
Height: 5'0
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Blonde

Special Powers/Abilities
Beth did not have any powers at all for a very long time. Disappeared for several months to train, and is now a Narutoverse ninja. However, she only knows the basics.

Beth pilots a mecha, which can fuse with Near's mecha and Naruto's mecha. Their mecha mainly functions by reading their thoughts and movements, but for the functions that are not on their body, such as wings, jet boosters or weapons, they have to make cute noises in order for it to work. Ex. Going "Wooooosh" to fly, or "Pew pew!" to shoot lasers.
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