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RP Canon: Kal

Basic Info

Full name: Kalitra Dracona
Gender: Female
Age: Secret.
Birthday: Also secret.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Varies between unnatural colors.
Medical Info: Secret!

Special Powers
Kal is a Narutoverse-style medic-nin, meaning that she can heal people and resew their body parts should they be removed.

She is also an itako, which means that she can summon spirits of the dead from the afterlife itself, and it seems in this RP, completely resurrect someone from the dead.

She herself can come back from the dead if killed - a "respawn." She is thought to use a machine for this.

She can transform into "ShadowKal." Pretty self-explanatory. She turns into a shadow with evil powers.

A very long time ago, she had a hobby of making bizarre mad scientist type inventions (a gun with settings such as "make the target drunk," for example.) However, she hasn't done this lately.

Important Relationships

Kal is in a love triangle with Sasuke and Neji, and occasionally Itachi. (Des roots for Itachi.) Who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but publicly the guys seem to express this mainly by being jealous of eachother.

Kal does not get along with Hidan at all.

A frying pan, a script that tells the past, present and future of the RP. (Des doesn't know she has the script.), A Secret Laboratory.

Residential History

Kal lives with the Akatsuki Organization, and has since become a member.

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