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RP Canon: Des

Basic Info
Full name: Desdemona Puck Inukai
Gender: Female
Age: Currently 20. Was 16 at the start of it all.
Birthday: April 16, 1987
Height: 5'0
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Vivid blue bangs, and black in behind.
Medical Info: Has ADD and poor eyesight, but is otherwise perfectly healthy! The eyepatch, when she wears it, is just for show, although it used to not be. Doesn't get sick often, but hates the cold.

Special Powers/Abilities

Des is a shaman, meaning that she can commune with ghosts and borrow their abilities by letting them possess her body. She can also form an "Oversoul" by fusing her spirit partner, Pietro, into a medium - in her case it's an ancient gold coin. Des's oversoul resembles a full-sized pirate ship, and functions exactly the same except that it also flies. It also has the ability to traverse worlds/dimensions, for some unknown reason - she may combine its powers with Spooky's.

The ability she uses the most is "respawn," coming back from the dead after being killed. However, when she dies, her corpse is left behind - a new body is created at her save point, wherever she sets it. The old corpse is usually disposed of by Zetsu, but once or twice Sasori has used them for puppets. The theory is that a new body is created by particles attracted to her soul and its gigantic ego. She dies very often due to her reckless nature.

Des controls all RPG-like aspects of BWT, and the thing that stands out most about this is "Des points." These are actually the form of EXP for the universe, but most people haven't figured that out yet. However if you have enough Des points you can apply them to level up in a sense and gain new abilities.

She also has a matchmaker ability, and is responsible for Zetsu and Pirika getting together, and for constantly having to rescue the torrid relationship of Sasori and Deidara. Often serves as a counselor.


A doll called Spooky that looks like this:
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Based off of Jhonen Vasquez's "I Feel Sick" mascot thinger. However, for some reason, her Spooky has magical powers that create dimensional portals - she uses these powers not only for travel, but to drop bits of the United States on her enemies.

She also has a secret garage full of unusual vehicles, and a robot chauffeur that looks like her. The most famous of these vehicles is an Oscar Meyer Weeniemobile that changes shape like the Magic School Bus.

Residential History
Des currently lives with the Akatsuki Organization, however, she is not a member.

She can also be found in her love guru shop in Konohagakure.

However, her home world is in the Shaman King universe, a detail that she lets nobody forget by refusing to learn ninja techniques.

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