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For Kal's reference, here is where I shall briefly summarize what happened in the last RPs we did.

MOST RECENTLY: Mysterious kidnappings abound! Manta was rescued, and now Des runs off to Otogakure to save Near, and now Mello, who got captured also. (Beth escaped!) With the help of Kal (and Edgeworth who got dragged there), she channeled Minato so she could make shadow clones and pursue both of them....

But then suddenly she was on the streets of Los Angeles, getting medical attention for Mello who was also there and got hit by a car. Gelus possessed Far and used him to try to win Misa's heart. Misa attacked his belt because there was a Light plushie on it (WHY? Who knows), Matsuda came in, Far fainted, there was angst as Matsuda thought he was dead. When this was not true, there was a fluffy happy moment, but Gelus got emo and gave Far a Gaara headache and carved an M inside a heart into his forehad, which Matsuda found to be rather cute.

- But! None of this actually happened; it was all a dream. Des has been chloroformed and is currently somewhere in Otogakure. I assume Near and Mello are still captured, and Des is captured, but as for Kal, Beth and Edgey, unknown.
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