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RP Canon: Location WTFery

A * denotes something that was portalled in from another world by Des.

Akatsuki Base - Is home to the canon Akatsuki members, as well as Des and Kal who also live there.
- The computer that Noa's soul was sealed in is located inside of Akatsuki.* He has long since vacated it.
- Their oven is a portal to the land of Narnia.

Death Note's universe is actually a video game inside Noa's computer. It follows Death Note's plot, but whenever anyone dies in it, they respawn into a different role. For example, if you started out as a member of the investigation team, and you were killed, you might revive as a shinigami. Unlike real respawning, people have no memory of what they originally were in the game. The characters are their exact canon selves within the game, but outside of the game, they have differences and hang out with the rest of us.

Konohagakure - Des's love guru shop is located in this town. It charges cash, credit or sexual favors.
- A Vegas Casino is located somewhere in town.*
- This is also the location of the constantly-destroyed karaoke bar that the Hitachiins apparently usurped.
- Beth lives here; she is roommates with Naruto. (Noa used to live under their house - the remnants of his lab are probably still under the floor.)

The Moon - Noa lives in an evil moon lair here and gets tetchy if anyone trespasses.

Ouran Koukou - Is located somewhere in the Naruto universe now. It was originally in Sunagakure, but Des may have moved it to Konoha.*

Otogakure - Contains one of the Hawaiian islands.* Kabuto was buried under said island, until he was dug out as a fossil and resurrected at Shippershrub's pokemon lab.

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