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RP Canon: Canon Character Differences

From the Naruto anime:

Naruto - pilots a mecha. His mecha can fuse with Beth and Near's mechas.

Deidara - has a much different personality from that in the anime - it's almost a 180. He is girly, bubbly, a bit of a crybaby and a lot of an airhead. His voice is much higher, too.
- Sometimes he borrows Des's chest.

Gaara - doesn't control his sand. It has a mind of its own, that is basically like a rabid fangirl that pairs him with Des. "Shippersand," as it's called, also plots with other shippers.
- Is OBSESSED with Kasugai peach-flavored gummy candy.

Hidan - is fond of melon-flavored things, particularly soda.
- has a sister named Hidahime. (She only appeared in two roleplays - she lives with Hidan's family normally. They are all Jashin followers, evidently.)
- Has Had a pink shadow, courtesy of the Evil King Stan.

Hyuugas - If you die while inside a Hyuuga-owned location, you will respawn with their bloodline and keep it until the next time you die, unless that is also in a Hyuuga-owned location.
- Byakugan allows a character to see the RPers and read their OOC chatter (brackets.)

Itachi - Is a fan of Pokemon; uses jigglypuff.
- Wears glasses occasionally. When he isn't wearing them, he mistakes Des for an aunt, and Kal for Sasuke.
- Pilots a mecha. His mecha can fuse with Des and Matt's mechas.
- Has twins with Kal in the future; Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi.

Uchihas - Death in an Uchiha-owned location causes you to respawn with their bloodline and keep it until the next time you die, unless that is also in an Uchiha-owned location. To our knowledge there is nothing new about Sharingan though.
- Shisui is around as a ghost. However, he only showed up to talk to us once.

- has a girlfriend (Pirika from Shaman King.) They have a son in the future.
- His mom is a Pokemon Professor. Her pokemon is Missingno and it fucks up the door if you walk in and out of it too many times while waiting for fossils.

From the Shaman King anime:

Manta - Had a problem with falling into Des-shaped holes, but remedied this when she gave him a jetpack for his birthday. When the jetpack was destroyed, it was replaced with a flying pink cloud.
- Is actually Masashi Kishimoto.

From the Yuugioh anime:

Noa Kaiba - is usually a homunculus, but can return to his virtual self at will.
- has a massive crush on Beth Inukai.
- owns a space hippo.

From the Ouran High School Host Club anime:

Renge can influence what happens in other worlds by writing doujinshi of them.

From the Death Note anime:

Death Note is actually a video game inside Noa's computer. See the location WTFery thread for more details.

L - is a programmer for the Death Note game.
- has suspicion levels for people other than Raito. But this is completely based on his mood. Des is at 300%, last I checked.
- May or may not be Gaara in disguise.

Light - died once, and was revived Yu Yu Hakusho style - namely, by hatching a spirit egg. It turned into a penguin called Kira. We call it Kirapenguin to avoid confusion.
- Is kind of a wuss in real life.
- Is so very gay.

Near - is kind of a sex fiend.
- Pilots a mecha. His mecha can fuse with Beth and Naruto's mechas.
- Has an evil clone named Far.
- Literally turns into a baby if he suffers great damage to his ego.

Matt - plays Pokemon with Des and Itachi.
- Pilots a mecha. His mecha can fuse with Des and Itachi's mechas.

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